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Leslie’s science students have achieved distinction at the regional and local levels for over 14 years. This year, we would like to recognize several outstanding young scientists from Leslie Middle School. These students won awards at the regional and state science fairs this school year. The regional science fair, the Intel-sponsored Central Western Oregon Science Expo, was held in March at the University of Oregon and the state science fair, the Intel-sponsored Northwest Science Expo, was held in Hillsboro this past weekend. These students worked exceptionally hard creating, refining, presenting and learning about what great science looks like. Prior to the two competitions, their work was critiqued by professors from Willamette University at our Leslie Junior Academy of Science event in February. We are very proud of everyone who competed at the regional and state levels. Below is a list of students who participated at regional, state or both, along with awards:

       Maddy Pierson – Tsunami Simulator: Most Outstanding Project in Atmospheric Sciences (regional), 3rd place in Earth Sciences (state)

       Avery Sinks and Taylor Paluska – Effects of Liquids on Vocal Range: Outstanding Use of the Metric System (regional)

       Kiara Martinelli and Katy Morris – Safety Features in Cars: 3rd Place in Engineering (state)

       Becca Bingham, Janey Lapray and Julie Chen – Annoying Horses: 2nd place in Animal Sciences (state)

Nickolas Brown – Honey as an Antibiotic

Qunicy Winder – Bacterial Growth in the Home

Frog Ortiz – Metals in a Battery                            

Andrea Garcia-Torres – Airbag Safety

Jenna Barrie and Elise Greene – Aquaponics

Gideon McKenzie – Hover Craft

Ben Schultz – Cell Phone Charger

Gretchen Olsen – Banking a Basketball

Arizon Cuello-Ocampo, Kira Davis and Emilly Olvera – Turf Traction

Ziggy Hixson – Strength of Glue


Dr. Michael Rockow and Mark Madland

LESLIE SCIENCE EXPO - School Science Fair

The first annual LJAS Science Expo will be Tuesday, Feb. 23, from 12:30-2:40. Students will be pulled out of classes during 5th and 6th periods to present their science fair projects to a panel of of district officials and Willamette University science professors. These professionals will help students improve their projects before they compete in the regional science fair at the University of Oregon on Saturday, March 5. See the link below for what needs to be completed by Feb. 23.

CWOSE (Central Western Oregon Science Expo) - Regional Science Fair
What: Our regional science fair. It is a great experience for students to get valuable feedback in preparation for state competition. It is highly recommended that students attend this event before the state science fair.
Where: University of Oregon, Eugene, in Gerlinger Hall and Annex (http://uoregon.edu/maps).
When: March 5, 2016.
More Info.: Registration is due by Feb. 16 and costs $5.00. Leslie will do the registration and pay the fee. Lunch will be provided. Students will need to provide their own transportation to and from U of O. Visit nwse.org/cwose for more info.

NWSE (Intel Northwest Science Expo) - State Science Fair
What: This is Oregon’s state science fair. It is a wonderful, full day to share and gain new science skills for our students. Students will be interviewed about their projects, publicly display their projects and get valuable feedback from peers and scientists. We are still working out details for side trips and meals since this is the first time that this fair will be held outside of Portland.
Where: Liberty High School (Hillsboro)
When: Saturday, April 23rd.
More Info.: The registration period is between Jan. 8-Feb. 16 and the cost is $5.00. Leslie will register each student and pay the registration fee. There will be bus transportation provided up to which will pickup and drop off in Leslie's parking lot. Students will need to provide a sack lunch and about $10 for dinner.  We will also be visiting the Rice Museum of Rocks and Minerals.  The admission is $7 for students and $10 for adults.  See the links below for more information. 

You may work with a maximum or two partners or you may work alone. Please follow the links below. to understand what a middle school science fair project looks like. We want high-quality projects; baking soda and vinegar volcanoes won’t cut it at this level. These sites will give you many awesome inquiry and engineering project ideas, but be sure to read the safety rules.

Dr. Rockow and Mr. Madland offer the LJAS science fair support club after school every Tuesday from 3:00-4:00 p.m. in room 200 at Leslie. Students need to check in with the after school program in the cafeteria to get a wristband and then go to room 200. Although attendance is not mandatory, we feel it is very helpful to attend as often as is possible. Students may ride Leslie's activity bus home at 4:30. It will drop them off at their elementary school and they will walk home from there. We will also be keeping students organized and on-track. Procrastination kills good science fair projects. Students may also use science class time to work on projects assuming they can keep their grades up.

Michael Rockow
(503) 399-3206

Mark Madland
madland_mark @salkeiz.k12.or.us
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